Passionate about peaches and marketing.

Electric Peach was created to make marketing fun for our clients and our team. Do you need to be a fuzzy stone fruit enthusiast to work with us? No, but an appreciation for peachy puns will help – we’re understandably fond of them.

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How was the seed for Electric Peach planted?

Ready to deliver a fresh take on marketing, our CEO Gabby harnessed over a decade in the marketing game to create an agency that has customer service at its heart and an MSP focus.

Now we’re a growing team of Peaches passionate about what we do, combining our mutual love of informed strategies, creative solutions, collaboration, MSP industry knowledge and insights, and a generous amount of coffee (with alternative milk – we’re big fans of almond and oat) to champion your business and make it shine.

The values that drive our company

Stop and smell the roses

We believe creative solutions need space to bloom. So, we love changing things up for a fresh perspective. This could mean going for a stroll, grabbing a coffee, or working in a different environment for the day.

Embrace change with both hands

We love optimisation, so it’s safe to say that we aren’t afraid of change – in fact we know it’s essential to the ongoing pursuit of peachy perfection.

Find the 1%

We always put in 100%, but we don’t stop there (we can’t help ourselves). From our clients to our teams, we’re committed to finding the 1% that elevates their Electric Peach experience even further and makes a lasting impression.

Bring your own brand of you

At Electric Peach we love to stand out, embrace our individuality, and ensure our team is comfortable to be their true selves. Have an undying love for Harry Potter? Let’s talk about your favourite book! On a quest to find the best conti roll in Perth? We want to see your ratings and reviews.

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