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Want to grow your MSP? You’re in luck – we’ve got marketing, branding, and websites covered. Want in on our family recipe and truly tasty marketing bundles?

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Our experts have a diverse range of skills to elevate your strategies and campaigns from social media to service pages, blog posts, newsletters, and more. Even better, we bundle everything for a simple monthly bill and offer an add on menu (it’s the cherry on top) tailored to MSP needs including award submissions, event management, and webinars.


Whether it’s a refresh or a full brand build, our team loves getting their hands dirty to understand your business. Align your brand and stay top of mind with an innovative and eye catching identity that champions your values and communicates your service offerings. Trust us, we certainly don’t do boring when it comes to MSP branding.


Make an impact with elevated design, compelling copy, and seamless functionality. From WordPress to Webflow and Squarespace – we’ve got you covered. If it’s management you’re after, our Website as a Service offering keeps your content fresh and site functioning smoothly.

Our peaches

Our team are a talented bunch, hand-picked for their expert knowledge and experience in marketing, copywriting, and UX driven design.

We’re passionate about working with you to capture your business story and core values, and developing tailored strategies with creative solutions.

Our impactful projects

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Web design


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UI/UX Design


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Branding Design

Our marketing

01 - Strategy


We target your audience and say goodbye to guesswork with an informed strategy. We build a comprehensive understanding of your business, industry, clients, and competitors so we’ve got all the ingredients for our perfect recipe.

02 - Execution


Our team of Peaches combine their expert skills and work collaboratively to champion your business, bring your strategy to life, and activate your marketing.

03 - Review


It’s time to harness the power of analytics and optimise! We also work with you throughout our process to ensure marketing efforts serve your current and future business needs.

What our clients say

In my career, I've been lucky enough to work with some big-name global brands, so I totally get how valuable that can be for any business. When I started Ever Nimble, I saw a chance to create something really special, not just in terms of tech but also in building a great brand and culture. Fast forward a few years, and thanks to our awesome brand, we've got new customers and potential team members knocking on our door all the time.

We're known as a global leader, and a big shoutout to Gabby and the Electric Peach team for getting us there. As we keep growing, we're putting more and more into our brand and marketing strategy. It just makes sense. And it's paying off big time. Shows how important it is to build a strong brand and keep that culture alive and kicking in our company.

Chris Morrissey
Ever Nimble

Our organization has historically lacked a dedicated marketing strategy and a focus on branding. Engaging with Electric Peach has marked a transformative shift in our approach. The team’s meticulous attention to detail and boundless enthusiasm are not only remarkable but also make collaboration both enjoyable and effortless. This partnership has endowed our brand with an unprecedented level of confidence. We hold Electric Peach in the highest regard and offer our strongest recommendation.

Luke Fong
Lateral Plains
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